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Inch, Metric, British Sizes.

STI, Pipe, Acme, Trapezoidal


round and hex dies


Inch, Metric, British Sizes

Specials in Hex or Round



Inch and Metric

Straight and Tapered


recoil screw thread inserts

Recoil® Screw Thread Inserts

Inch, Metric and British Sizes.

Spark Plug Sizes

keysert keylocking inserts

Keysert® Key locking Inserts

Inch and Metric Sizes

Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel



Inch and Metric

Stub, Regular, Taper Length, Extra Long

HSS, Cobalt, Carbide

pi tape diameter tape

Pi Tape® Diameter Tapes

Quick, Accurate and Easy Method of Reading Diameters

Inch and Metric Sizes

Accurate to .001" or .03mm"

miracle point protractor

Miracle Point®

Magnetic Base Protractor and Center Finder

Magnetic Centering Head, Pipe Centering Tool

kafer dial  gauge

Kafer Dial Indicator Gauges

Precision Dial Indicators |  Lever Type Dial Gauges |  Thickness Gauges |  Dial Depth Gauges


timesaver lapping compound

Timesaver Lapping Compounds

Precision Finish on Bearing Surfaces

Guaranteed Not to Imbed

flex-hone flexible hone

Flex-hone® Flexible Honing Tools

Produces a Controlled Surface Finish Unobtainable by any Other Method

A Finish Free From Cut, Torn and Folded Metal

wleding gauge

Welding Inspection Gages

For Checking Alignment, Checking Dimensions Before Welding, Verifying Weld Dimensions, and Checking Porosity of Welds.

wfmc mini ratchet kits

WFMC Mini Ratchets

The Most Versatile and Powerful Mini-Ratchet Tool Sets in the World

Designed for Quick and Easy Assembly, Disassembly and Repair Use

imperial flaring tool

Imperial® Tubing Tools

Specialty Tools for HVAC/R Service

Tube Benders, Cutters, Flaring Tools

Ozat impact sockets

Ozat Impact Sockets

Impact Sockets, Impact Drivers, Extensions, Adapters, Universal Joints and other Accessories.

refinery wrenches

Petol™ and Titan™ Valve Tools

Valve Wheel Wrenches | Titan Chain Tongs | Titan Reversible Chain tongs | Titan Flange Key | Titan Flange Spreader | Titan Flange Aligning Tool

vortex tubes

Vortec Products


Vortec offers a variety of quality air technology such as enclosure coolers, cold air guns, air flow amplifiers, air knives and more!




For Connecting to Structural Tube or to Conventional Steel Where Access is Available from One Side Only.

gal-a-let wled contraction rngs

Gap-A-Let® , Socket Weld Contraction Rings

Proper Socket Weld Fit-Up in One Tenth the Time

Eliminate Cracked Welds Resulting From Improperly Gapped Joints


Bondhus Hex Tools, Balldriver ®, Ballstar, Gorilla Grip, Hex Tools, Ballpoint Allen Type Keys

Angle Entry to 25°

Works in hard to reach areas

Faster insertion and removal

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