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Boride Polishing Stones

The right stone for every job, every material, every finish requirement. Performance-proved on the job.

Turn out finer, more uniform work and reduce per-job time with shop-tested Boride Mold and Die Maker Stones. There is a stone designed for every job, every material, every finish requirement. The Boride Product line was planned and developed by mold and die makers for their own use. They are performance-proved on the job. We are confident there is no line as complete or efficient elsewhere, and we invite your own on-the-job comparison to prove it.

The use recommendations given here will help you get peak performance from the Boride Products stones you order, and save production time as well.

If you have a special finishing job, we invite your request for information. Just give us your work requirements, and we will specify the Boride Products stone or stones to do the job better, faster, easier.

Recommended Applications

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