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GearWrench price list July 2008

gear wrenches | vortex sockets

prices subject to change


VORTEX Sockets and accessories
SIG.20110 13MM Drive 5/32” Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20111 13MM Drive 3/16” Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20112 13MM Drive 7/32” Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20113 13MM Drive 1/4” Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20114 13MM Drive 9/32” Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20115 13MM Drive 5/16” Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20116 13MM Drive 3/8” Vortex Socket $2.35
SIG.20117 13MM Drive 7/16” Vortex Socket $2.39
SIG.20118 13MM Drive 1/2” Vortex Socket $2.42
SIG.20151 13MM Drive Vortex PH #1 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20152 13MM Drive Vortex PH #2 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20153 13MM Drive Vortex PH #3 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20157 13MM Drive Vortex Slotted 4mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20158 13MM Drive Vortex Slotted 5.5mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20159 13MM Drive Vortex Slotted 6mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20160 13MM Drive Vortex Slotted 5.5mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20161 13MM Drive Vortex Slotted 6mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20163 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 3mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20164 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 4mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20165 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 5mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20166 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 6mm Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20167 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 7mm Bits Socket $3.43
SIG.20168 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 8mm Bits Socket $3.57
SIG.20171 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 1/8” Bits Socket $3.09
SIG.20172 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 5/32” Bits Socket $3.09
SIG.20173 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 3/16” Bits Socket $3.09
SIG.20174 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 7/32” Bits Socket $3.09
SIG.20175 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 1/4” Bits Socket $3.09
SIG.20176 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 5/16” Bits Socket $3.57
SIG.20177 13MM Drive Vortex Hex 3/8” Bits Socket $3.74
SIG.20181 13MM Drive Vortex Torque T10 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20182 13MM Drive Vortex Torque T15 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20183 13MM Drive Vortex Torque T20 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20184 13MM Drive Vortex Torque T25 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20185 13MM Drive Vortex Torque T30 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20186 13MM Drive Vortex Torque T40 Bits Socket $3.23
SIG.20211 13MM Drive 3.5mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20212 13MM Drive 4mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20213 13MM Drive 4.5mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20214 13MM Drive 5mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20215 13MM Drive 5.5mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20216 13MM Drive 6mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20217 13MM Drive 7mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20218 13MM Drive 8mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20219 13MM Drive 9mm Vortex Socket $1.69
SIG.20220 13MM Drive 10mm Vortex Socket $2.39
SIG.20221 13MM Drive 11mm Vortex Socket $2.39
SIG.20222 13MM Drive 12mm Vortex Socket $2.39
SIG.20223 13MM Drive 13mm Vortex Socket $2.42
SIG.20266 13MM Drive 16Pc Metric Vortex Socket Set $92.71
SIG.20273 13MM Drive 28Pc Metric Vortex Socket Set $142.73
SIG.20306 13MM Drive Vortex 3-1/2” Extension Bar $6.99
SIG.20333 13MM Drive Gear Ratchet $44.08
SIG.20335 13MM Drive Flex Gear Ratchet $49.96
SIG.20339 13MM Drive Gear Ratchet Repair Kit $8.76
SIG.20372 13MM Drive 25Pc SAE/Metric Vortex Socket Set $106.02
SIG.20392 13MM Drive Vortex 1/4”M Bits Adapter $3.29
SIG.20393 13MM Drive Vortex 1/4”M Quick Release Adapter $9.00
SIG.20410 20MM Drive 3/8” Vortex Socket $3.42
SIG.20411 20MM Drive 7/16” Vortex Socket $3.42
SIG.20412 20MM Drive 1/2” Vortex Socket $3.42
SIG.20413 20MM Drive 9/16” Vortex Socket $3.42
SIG.20414 20MM Drive 5/8” Vortex Socket $4.92
SIG.20415 20MM Drive 11/16” Vortex Socket $4.92
SIG.20416 20MM Drive 3/4” Vortex Socket $5.11
SIG.20451 20MM Drive Vortex Phillips #1 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20452 20MM Drive Vortex Phillips #2 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20453 20MM Drive Vortex Phillips #3 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20457 20MM Drive Vortex Slotted 4mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20458 20MM Drive Vortex Slotted 5.5mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20459 20MM Drive Vortex Slotted 6.5mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20463 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 3mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20464 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 4mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20465 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 5mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20466 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 6mm Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20467 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 7mm Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20468 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 8mm Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20470 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 10mm Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20471 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 1/8” Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20472 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 5/32” Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20473 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 3/16” Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20474 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 7/32” Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20475 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 1/4” Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20476 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 5/16” Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20477 20MM Drive Vortex Hex 3/8” Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20481 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T10 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20482 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T15 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20483 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T20 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20484 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T25 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20485 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T30 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20486 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T40 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20487 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T45 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20488 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T50 Bit Socket $4.71
SIG.20489 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T55 Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20490 20MM Drive Vortex Torque T60 Bit Socket $5.14
SIG.20510 20MM Drive 10mm Vortex Socket $3.63
SIG.20511 20MM Drive 11mm Vortex Socket $3.63
SIG.20512 20MM Drive 12mm Vortex Socket $3.63
SIG.20513 20MM Drive 13mm Vortex Socket $3.63
SIG.20514 20MM Drive 14mm Vortex Socket $3.63
SIG.20515 20MM Drive 15mm Vortex Socket $5.11
SIG.20516 20MM Drive 16mm Vortex Socket $5.20
SIG.20517 20MM Drive 17mm Vortex Socket $5.28
SIG.20518 20MM Drive 18mm Vortex Socket $5.32
SIG.20519 20MM Drive 19mm Vortex Socket $5.39
SIG.20565 20MM Drive 14Pc Metric Vortex Socket Set $135.77
SIG.20606 20MM Drive 3” Vortex Extension Bar $12.36
SIG.20633 20MM Drive Gear Ratchet $63.36
SIG.20635 20MM Drive Flex Gear Ratchet $79.03
SIG.20639 20MM Drive Gear Ratchet Repair Kit $10.14
SIG.20675 21Pc 20MM Drive SAE/Metric Vortex Socket Set $154.44
SIG.20692 Bits Adapter For 1/4”M $5.80
SIG.20693 20MM Drive 1/4”M Socket Adapter $10.60
SIG.20695 20MM Drive 3/8”M Socket Adapter $10.33



SIG.34098 11/32” Gear Wrench $21.25
SIG.34101 1/4” Gear Wrench $23.30
SIG.34102 5/16” Gear Wrench $17.41
SIG.34103 3/8” Gear Wrench $19.31
SIG.34104 7/16” Gear Wrench $20.81
SIG.34105 1/2” Gear Wrench $22.55
SIG.34106 9/16” Gear Wrench $24.10
SIG.34107 5/8” Gear Wrench $26.86
SIG.34108 11/16” Gear Wrench $27.61
SIG.34109 3/4” Gear Wrench $30.90
SIG.34110 13/16” Gear Wrench $51.77
SIG.34111 7/8” Gear Wrench $53.23
SIG.34112 15/16” Gear Wrench $55.40
SIG.34113 1” Large Gear Wrench $56.84
SIG.34114 1-1/16” Large Gear Wrench $58.31
SIG.34115 1-1/8” Large Gear Wrench $64.38
SIG.34116 1-1/4” Large Gear Wrench $71.67
SIG.34131 3/8” Stubby Gear Wrench $20.38
SIG.34132 7/16” Stubby Gear Wrench $22.13
SIG.34133 1/2” Stubby Gear Wrench $25.89
SIG.34134 9/16” Stubby Gear Wrench $27.09
SIG.34135 5/8” Stubby Gear Wrench $30.61
SIG.34136 11/16” Stubby Gear Wrench $31.36
SIG.34137 3/4” Stubby Gear Wrench $35.03
SIG.34145 7Pc SAE Stubby Gear Wrench Set $131.86
SIG.34156 6 Pc SAE Gear Wrench Set $127.17
SIG.34159 8Pc SAE Gear Wrench Pouch Set $194.65
SIG.34162 9Pc Gear Wrench Set SAE $186.85
SIG.34163 11Pc SAE Gear Wrench Set $314.08
SIG.34164 12Pc SAE Gear Wrench Zipper Set $207.63
SIG.34165 15Pc SAE Gear Wrench Set $600.21
SIG.34169 8Pc SAE Gear Wrench Set $106.88
SIG.34170 20Pc SAE Gear Wrench Set $158.56
SIG.34180 1/4” Drive Hex Adapter (SAE) $2.72
SIG.34181 1/4” Drive (For 3/8”) Socket Adapter $3.43
SIG.34182 3/8” Drive (For 1/2”) Socket Adapter $4.19
SIG.34183 1/2” Drive (For 19mm & 3/4”) Socket Adapter $7.45
SIG.34184 4Pc Adapter Set For SAE $11.17
SIG.34195 9Pc Bits in Block $8.88
SIG.34205 5.5 mm Gear Wrench $18.62
SIG.34206 6mm Gear Wrench $18.85
SIG.34207 7mm Gear Wrench $17.18
SIG.34208 8mm Gear Wrench $17.30
SIG.34209 9mm Gear Wrench $17.62
SIG.34210 10mm Gear Wrench $18.24
SIG.34211 11mm Gear Wrench $19.08
SIG.34212 12mm Gear Wrench $19.90
SIG.34213 13mm Gear Wrench $22.33
SIG.34214 14mm Gear Wrench $25.07
SIG.34215 15mm Gear Wrench $26.18
SIG.34216 16mm Gear Wrench $28.15
SIG.34217 17mm Gear Wrench $29.32
SIG.34218 18mm Gear Wrench $30.04
SIG.34219 19mm Gear Wrench $30.78
SIG.34220 20mm Gear Wrench $42.45
SIG.34221 21mm Gear Wrench $47.72
SIG.34222 22mm Gear Wrench $51.77
SIG.34224 24mm Large Gear Wrench $55.08
SIG.34225 25mm Large Gear Wrench $55.08
SIG.34227 27mm Large Gear Wrench $64.79
SIG.34228 30mm Large Gear Wrench $71.55
SIG.34229 32mm Large Gear Wrench $71.67
SIG.34230 34mm Large Gear Wrench $93.51
SIG.34231 10mm Stubby Gear Wrench $20.38
SIG.34232 11mm Stubby Gear Wrench $21.93
SIG.34233 12mm Stubby Gear Wrench $23.36
SIG.34234 13mm Stubby Gear Wrench $25.56
SIG.34235 14mm Stubby Gear Wrench $27.47
SIG.34236 15mm Stubby Gear Wrench $28.55
SIG.34237 16mm Stubby Gear Wrench $31.49
SIG.34238 17mm Stubby Gear Wrench $32.21
SIG.34239 18mm Stubby Gear Wrench $34.89
SIG.34240 19mm Stubby Gear Wrench $35.18
SIG.34241 8mm Stubby Gear Wrench $24.24
SIG.34245 7Pc Metric Stubby Gear Wrench Set $116.64
SIG.34249 10Pc Metric Stubby Gear Wrench Set $223.56
SIG.34256 6 Pc Metric Gear Wrench Set (Rack) $132.42
SIG.34257 10Pc Metric Gear Wrench Set Zipper $152.58
SIG.34261 11Pc Metric Gear Wrench Set/Rack $314.42
SIG.34263 12Pc Metric Gear Wrench Pouch Set $293.93
SIG.34264 4Pc SAE Large Gear Wrench Set $265.15
SIG.34266 12Pc Metric Gear Wrench Zipper Set $294.55
SIG.34267 5Pc Metric Large Gear Wrench Set $317.97
SIG.34268 16Pc Metric Gear Wrench Zipper Set $307.34
SIG.34269 8Pc Metric Gear Wrench Set $106.88
SIG.34270 20Pc Metric Gear Wrench Set $158.56
SIG.34273 15Pc Metric Gear Wrench Set $509.33
SIG.34275 5.5mm Stubby Gear Wrench $24.24
SIG.34276 6mm Stubby Gear Wrench $24.24
SIG.34277 7mm Stubby Gear Wrench $24.24
SIG.34280 1/4”Drive Hex Bit Adapter Metric $2.72
SIG.34281 1/4” Drive (For 10mm) Socket Adapter $3.82
SIG.34282 3/8” Drive (For 13mm) Socket Adapter $4.63
SIG.34283 1/2” Drive (For 18mm) Socket Adapter $8.30
SIG.34284 4Pc Adapter Set For Metric $13.77
SIG.34289 2Pc 1/4” Drive 3/8”+ Bits Adapter $13.05
SIG.34291 3/8” Drive Socket Adapter For 1/2” Gear Wrench $13.45
SIG.34292 1/2” Drive Socket Adapter For 3/4” Gear Wrench $16.88
SIG.34295 2Pc 1/4” Drive/10mm Metric+ Bits Adapter $13.05
SIG.34297 3/8” Drive Socket Adapter For 13mm Gear Wrench $13.45
SIG.34298 1/2” Drive Socket Adapter For 19mm Gear Wrench $16.88
SIG.34301 Gear Wrench Product Centre $1,941.51
SIG.34307 Large Gear Wrench Product Centre $1,172.56
SIG.34308 Flex Gear Wrench Product Centre $2,810.49
SIG.34351 E6XE8 E Torque Gear Wrench $51.03
SIG.34353 E10XE12 E Torque Gear Wrench $52.74
SIG.34355 E14XE18 E Torque Gear Wrench $64.64
SIG.34357 E20XE24 E Torque Gear Wrench $71.44
SIG.34374 4Pc E-Torque Gear Wrench $218.71
SIG.34402 5/16X3/8” Double Box End Gear Wrench $37.97
SIG.34403 7/16X1/2 Double Box End Gear Wrench $40.46
SIG.34404 9/16X5/8 Double Box End Gear Wrench $48.34
SIG.34405 11/16X3/4” Double Box End Gear Wrench $54.30
SIG.34454 4Pc SAE Double End Gear Wrench Set $177.94
SIG.34455 4Pc SAE Double Box End Gear Wrench $177.94
SIG.34502 8X9 Double Box End Gear Wrench $37.91
SIG.34503 10X11 Double Box End Gear Wrench $39.52
SIG.34504 12X13 Double Box End Gear Wrench $42.68
SIG.34505 14X15 Double Box End Gear Wrench $45.88
SIG.34506 16X18 Double Box End Gear Wrench $52.23
SIG.34507 17X19 Double Box End Gear Wrench $54.17
SIG.34556 6Pc Metric Double End Gear Wrench Set $231.82
SIG.34557 6Pc Double Box Gear Wrench Metric Set $231.82
Reversible gearwrenches
SIG.34600 Reversible Gear Wrench Product Centre $1,928.49
SIG.34608 8mm Reversible Gear Wrench $21.13
SIG.34609 9mm Reversible Gear Wrench $21.13
SIG.34610 10mm Reversible Gear Wrench $22.19
SIG.34611 11mm Reversible Gear Wrench $23.45
SIG.34612 12mm Reversible Gear Wrench $24.95
SIG.34613 13mm Reversible Gear Wrench $27.41
SIG.34614 14mm Reversible Gear Wrench $28.90
SIG.34615 15mm Reversible Gear Wrench $31.33
SIG.34616 16mm Reversible Gear Wrench $31.33
SIG.34617 17mm Reversible Gear Wrench $33.21
SIG.34618 18mm Reversible Gear Wrench $35.44
SIG.34619 19mm Reversible Gear Wrench $35.44
SIG.34622 22mm Reversible Gear Wrench $54.11
SIG.34624 24mm Reversible Gear Wrench $69.56
SIG.34646 6Pc Metric Reversible Gear Wrench Set $173.34
SIG.34648 7Pc Metric Reversible Gear Wrench Set $187.74
SIG.34649 12Pc Metric Reversible Gear Wrench Set $349.75
SIG.34655 5Pc Metric Reversible Gear Wrench Set/Pouch $146.74
SIG.34660 11/32” Reversible Gear Wrench $23.98
SIG.34661 5/16” Reversible Gear Wrench $21.13
SIG.34662 3/8” Reversible Gear Wrench $22.19
SIG.34663 7/16” Reversible Gear Wrench $23.45
SIG.34664 1/2” Reversible Gear Wrench $27.41
SIG.34665 9/16” Reversible Gear Wrench $28.81
SIG.34666 5/8” Reversible Gear Wrench $29.58
SIG.34667 11/16” Reversible Gear Wrench $33.24
SIG.34668 3/4” Reversible Gear Wrench $35.44
SIG.34669 13/16” Reversible Gear Wrench $54.11
SIG.34670 7/8” Reversible Gear Wrench $54.11
SIG.34685 5Pc SAE Reversible Gear Wrench Set/Pouch $146.74
SIG.34688 8Pc SAE Reversible Gear Wrench Set $233.71
Flex gearwrenches
SIG.34708 8mm Flex Gear Wrench $33.41
SIG.34709 9mm Flex Gear Wrench $33.41
SIG.34710 10mm Flex Gear Wrench $33.41
SIG.34711 11mm Flex Gear Wrench $34.38
SIG.34712 12mm Flex Gear Wrench $36.38
SIG.34713 13mm Flex Gear Wrench $37.67
SIG.34714 14mm Flex Gear Wrench $39.37
SIG.34715 15mm Flex Gear Wrench $42.51
SIG.34716 16mm Flex Gear Wrench $44.06
SIG.34717 17mm Flex Gear Wrench $47.85
SIG.34718 18mm Flex Gear Wrench $50.39
SIG.34719 19mm Flex Gear Wrench $51.00
SIG.34740 12 Pc Metric Flex Gear Wrench Set $417.05
SIG.34760 5/16” Flex Gear Wrench $33.41
SIG.34762 3/8” Flex Gear Wrench $33.41
SIG.34763 7/16” Flex Gear Wrench $34.38
SIG.34764 1/2” Flex Gear Wrench $37.67
SIG.34765 9/16” Flex Gear Wrench $39.37
SIG.34766 5/8” Flex Gear Wrench $42.51
SIG.34767 11/16” Flex Gear Wrench $47.85
SIG.34768 3/4” Flex Gear Wrench $51.00
SIG.34769 13/16” Flex Gear Wrench $75.92
SIG.34770 7/8” Flex Gear Wrench $75.92
SIG.34771 15/16” Flex Gear Wrench $89.22
SIG.34772 1” Flex Gear Wrench $89.22
SIG.34787 8 Pc SAE Flex Gear Wrench Set $286.22
SIG.34788 12 Pc SAE Flex Gear Wrench Set $333.42
Specialty gearwrenches
SIG.34803 10x12mm Half Moon Gear Wrench $69.99
SIG.34804 11x13mm Half Moon Gear Wrench $71.44
SIG.34805 14x17mm Half Moon Gear Wrench $87.48
SIG.34843 3Pc Half Moon Reversible Gear Wrench Set $222.71
SIG.34853 3/8” X 7/16” Half Moon Reversible Gear Wrench $67.18
SIG.34854 7/16” X 1/2” Half Moon Reversible Gear Wrench $68.56
SIG.34855 9/16” X 11/16” Half Moon Reversible Gear Wrench $83.97
SIG.34893 3Pc. SAE Half Moon Reversible Gear Wrench Set $222.71
SIG.34903 10 X 12mm S Type Reversible Gear Wrench $72.07
SIG.34904 11 X 13mm S Type Reversible Gear Wrench $74.87
SIG.34905 14 X 17mm S Type Reversible Gear Wrench $92.71
SIG.34906 16 X 18mm S Type Reversible Gear Wrench $101.80
SIG.34908 19 X 22mm S Type Reversible Gear Wrench $124.20
SIG.34943 3Pc. S Type Reversible Gear Wrench Set $239.30


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