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Wiha Precision Ceramic Tuning Tools

Ceramic blades are anti-static and anti-magnetic

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Ceramic tuning tip with precision handle of
ESD Safe Conductive Material

Blade is ceramic, anti-static, anti-magnetic, for tuning & adjusting.
Wiha ESD Safe Conductive handle, surface resistance 106 - 109 ohms
Free spin rotating finger cap for precise tuning control.
Available in slotted, cross point & 3 piece set.


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Exact Fit Ground Tips, Antistatic ESD Safe, Anti-magnetic
Tapered Conductive Handle, Precision Spin Control Cap

Ceramic Tuning Tools Anti-Magnetic & Anti Static

Item # Description Style Tip Blade Over all length
W27009 Precision Ceramic Slotted 0.9mm 15mm 94.5mm
W27013 Precision Ceramic Slotted 1.3mm 15mm 94.5mm
W27018 Precision Ceramic Slotted 1.8mm 15mm 94.5mm
W27026 Precision Ceramic Slotted 2.6mm 15mm 94.5mm
W27100 Precision Ceramic Cross Point #0 15mm 94.5mm
W27090 Ceramic Set 3 Piece Set .9, 2.6, & Cross Point #0


Ceramic Set

W27090 - 3 Piece Boxed Set 
Precision Ceramic Includes:
Slotted: 0.9mm , 2.6mm
Cross Point:  #0


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