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Adjustable Girder Clamps & Floorfast®

Adjustable Girder Clamps

A complete connection system in a box available for immediate use from stock. Ideal for jobs which require a rapid solution.

Clamp-Kit works on the girder clamp principle, gripping clamp-like on the flanges of crossing beams, without the need to drill, weld or align predrilled holes.

Holding up to 6,500 lb per connection (with a 5:1 safety factor), it is unique in that it's slotted location plates allow full adjustment of the assembly to accommodate a wide range of flange widths. Also, the screwed-tail Lindapter®s in each kit cope with a wide range of flange thicknesses.

Each box contains all the components required to make a complete beam clamp assembly.

Clamp-Kits have a high degree of adjustability so only approximate flange measurements need to be ascertained when selecting the appropriate packs for the job.

1/2" bolt size kits available for flanges from 2-3/4" to 9-1/4" wide.
5/8" bolt size kits available for flanges from 4" to 10-7/16" wide

Finish - Electro galvanized


A malleable-iron body casting with countersunk socket screw used for securing steel floorplates from above.

The eccentric stepped web automatically locks under the flange of the supporting steel work coping with any thickness of flange from 1/8" to 5/8"

The Lindapter Floorfast® will suit floor plate with a base thickness of 1/4" to 1/2"

Base thickness = overall height less thickness of pattern.

The Floorfast® can be secured by one man working from above using a single hand tool 5/16" hexagon socket key.

The need for access from below is eliminated.

No site drilling or welding is necessary.

Available in electro-galvanized finish .

FLANGES THICKER THAN 5/8". Flanges thicker than 5/8" can be accommodated by the addition of a simple packing piece.

Electro-galvanized finish. Also available in hot-dip galvanized, mechanical galvanized finish or in stainless steel.

32 lb/100.

Access from beneath the floorplate is not required it this installation procedure is followed.

If holes are not pre-drilled, they need to be positioned according to the Detailing diagram.
Position Lindapter Floorfast® on underside of floorplate, with stepped surface inwards, straight edge of web parallel to edge of plate.
Hand tighten. Raise floorplate and lay in position. Floorfast® units will give positional reference. Using a hexagon key release the countersunk socket screw one full turn.
Tighten down the countersunk socket screw.

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