Cone Mounter Bearing Heaters

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The most efficient method for bearing installation,
designed with the Maintenance Department in mind.


Proper installation is essential to maximize bearing life. Heating a bearing prior to installation expands the inner race to allow the bearing to be easily mounted on the shaft. Cone Mounter Bearing Heaters can help promote bearing longevity which means less equipment downtime and lower maintenance costs.



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Each unit is designed to heat a wide a wide range of bearings

Each unit weighs 17 lbs. or less so it can easily be moved close to the equipment being maintained.

Each current is not applied to the bearing. Resistance elements heats the unit, which in turn heats the bearing, preventing magnetization.

Cone Mounter units are priced economically for maintenance and repair operations.

Easy to Use
Simply follow the short instruction guide. No complex manuals or training are necessary.

The simple design of Cone Mounter units promotes a long life. Units are warranted for one year.




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  • 250°F temperature indicator crayon
  • Aluminum cone for fast, even heat transfer
  • Made in the USA and readily available from stock
  • 8 ft., 3-wire power cord
  • Safety guard
  • Available in 120V or 220/240V
  • One year warranty


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Standard Units

Model CONE.B     B
Light Duty
3/8 - 5 3/4th Inches
10 - 145 MM
10"H X 10"W
5 Lbs/2.3 kg

Model CONE.C    C

Light - Heavy Duty
3/4 - 5 3/4th Inches
20 - 145 MM
10"H X 10"W
5 Lbs/2.3 kg

Model CONE.D     D
Light - Heavy Duty
3/4 - 8 Inches
20 - 205 MM
10"H X 10"W
5 Lbs/2.3 kg

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Automatic Units: The thermostat is set at 250°F . Once this temperature is reached it is maintained at this temperature.

CONE.SUPER          Super

Light - Heavy Duty
3/4 - 8 Inches
20 - 205 MM
10"H X 15"W
7 Lbs/3.2 kg

CONE.XLAUTO     XL Automatic

Heavy Duty
5 1/2 - 18 Inches
140 - 460 MM
14"H X 21"W
17 Lbs/7.7 kg




During Mounting

  • Handle bearing carefully.
  • Protect the bearing from dirt and contamination.
  • Be certain the bearing is seated properly on the shaft.
  • Moniter bearing temperature closely - do not overheat!

    During Operation and Maintenance

  • Properly lubricate the bearing.
  • Avoid excessive heat.
  • Avoid excessive vibration.
  • Protect from other operations, i.e., steam cleaning, welding, etc.
  • Protect from stray electrical current.
  • Never use near materials which may burn.