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Search/Inspection Mirrors

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Visual Search Equipment / Panther Search Mirrors NTESM Search Mirrors.

A range of versatile search equipment for security, drug and contraband tasks.

The NTESM family of precision-manufactured search mirrors are each designed for a specific purpose, responding to the operational demands of security and tactical personnel.

NTESM Search Mirrors are manufactured with lightweight nonrotational aluminum Poles, padded Forearm Rests, and foam Grips that provide operational flexibility. Their durability and flexibility make the task easier for searching under vehicles and aircraft seats, as well as for examining challenging overhead compartments.

The use of search mirrors promotes safe practice by reducing the personal exposure of operators having to place themselves dangerously close to possible explosive devices.

The NTESM Search Mirrors provide easy viewing around corners or under vehicles. They also provide safety from direct line of fire of armed suspects. The Mirrors on all NTESM models are modular in design. The separate Mirror assembly simply locks on to the end of the Poles for easy replacement or maintenance. Our range of Search Mirrors is used by a variety of organizations including police forces, military organizations, fire departments, airport security, nuclear facilities and border patrol groups.

NTESM2 Straight Leg Mirror:
Our easy-to-use SM2 Mirror is compact, consisting of a two-piece aluminum Pole that snaps together and extends as far as 45in (114 cm). This model uses the same hardware as our Telescopic models, such as the padded Forearm Rest, foam Grip, 17-hour halogen Light, and 8in (20cm) Convex Mirror.

NTESM3 Telescopic Mirror:
With the added features of a non-rotational, lightweight aluminum, telescopic Pole, the SM3 can be manoeuvered to view areas that are far-removed or difficult to access, such as attics and false ceilings. This model is designed with a Forearm Strap, which secures the forearm and provides the operator with a more comfortable, balanced capability to look around corners while leaving the other hand free for personal protection. The Strap also makes looking into overhead spaces easier by providing arm support and overall balance of the Mirror.

NTESM5 10.5ft (3.2m) Telescopic Mirror:
The SM5 was designed to be used as a tactical Pole system to give operators an even greater stand-off distance between themselves and possible armed suspects. This Mirror is ideal for peering around corners without putting the operator in personal danger of direct line of sight. The SM5 was designed with a low profile Convex Mirror to produce a more realistic image for operators, a very important feature in determining the dangers that may lurk around corners. Although the Telescopic Pole extends much longer than other models, the overall weight is not compromised through the use of a lightweight acrylic Mirror. This model can also be used as a regular search mirror for inspection in and around high objects, or for examining potentially dangerous areas where explosives might be hidden.


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 Model: NTESM2 Straight Leg

  • 8" Convex Mirror with swivel base
  • 17-hour halogen light with replaceable batteries
  • Foam Grip and forearm rest
  • Length: 45 in. (114 cm), snap together pole (2 sections)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.2 kg)
  • Black anodized pole
  • Padded carrying case
  • * Most popular mirror and affordable. 


Search Inspection Mirror SM2

Model: NTESM3 Telescopic

  • 8 in. (20 cm) convex mirror with swivel base
  • 17-hour halogen light with replaceable batteries
  • Foam grip, forearm rest and forearm strap
  • Length: 36" - 72" (92cm - 183cm) non-rotational telescopic pole (3 sections)
  • Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
  • Padded carrying case





Model: NTESM5 Tactical Search Mirror with Flat Mirror


  • 8 in. × 6 in. (20 cm × 15 cm) flat acrylic mirror
  • 0-180 degree tilt
  • Length: 39” - 126” (1m - 3.8m) non-rotational telescopic pole
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

Search Inspection Mirror SM5


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