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Power Insertion Tools for Helically Wound Screw Thread Inserts

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Power Insertion Tools- Air Driven

Power Inserting Tool

Newman Tools Inc. supplies a range of power tools for installing RECOIL threads and other brand of helically wound inserts. These are air powered and are recommended for high volume users of RECOIL and other makes. Their use will result in greater productivity and accuracy.

An air motor provides the drive to an adapter to which the front-end assembly is connected. This front-end assembly holds the RECOIL insert, reducing its diameter. It then easily winds the RECOIL thread into the previously tapped hole.

The air driven motor is hand activated. There are two sizes of in-line adapters to connect the motor to the front-end assembly. The RECOIL thread is held for delivery by the front-end assembly. These come in many sizes, dependent on the diameter and length

Reversible Air Motor

This air motor is purpose built for the RECOIL insert system. It is of rugged design and needs no maintenance during its service life.

Air motor 56010 is hand operated and is used for diameter No. 2-56 to 1/2 inch and metric M2.2 to M12. This motor can be hand held or installed in the Power Tool Holder (see below).

The motor must be fed by filtered, regulated and lubricated air from an appropriate regulator. The RECOIL threaded insert is inserted when the switch is actuated, then the motor automatically reverses on release of the control lever.
For clean room applications, an exhaust tube can be used. A six foot long overhose is placed over the tool and exhaust area. This carries the exhaust and waste oil away from the workers and assists in keeping the workplace clean.


Two sizes of adapters are available to connect the front-end assembly with the air motor. For small insert sizes 2-56 to 1/4 inch and metric sizes M2.2 to M6, use adapter 56030. For insert 5/16 to 1/2 inch metric M7 to M12, use adapter 56040.

tool holder

Power Tool Holder

To ensure correct alignment the Power Tool Holder 56000 is recommended. This mounts on a bench and accurately holds the tool vertically. Inserts within a radius of 23 inches (580mm), with planes differing by up to 3.5 inches (9Omm), can be efficiently installed with this device.

This tool holder must be used with the 2-56, M2.2 x 0.45 and M2.5 x 0.45 inserts.

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Tooling and Accessories

Front-end Assemblies

The job of inserting the RECOIL thread is done by the front-end assembly. These are available in a variety of sizes for the application of individual or strip feed inserts.

front end assemblies
Each RECOIL insert size needs its own front-end assembly. Spacers are used to adapt each front-end assembly to handle the longer sizes. No spacer is required for 2 diameter long inserts in sizes from 5/16 to 1/2 inch and M7to M12.

Individual designs of the front-end assemblies may differ, however they all use the same principle. The RECOIL insert is guided through a prewinder and is efficiently screwed into the desired position.

The assembly is comprised of prewinder, spacers, shims, cushion and mandrel. Three lengths of spacer are available, to handle 1 to 2 diameter inserts.

It is important to select the correct spacer length. The RECOIL insert should be 3/4 to 1-1/2 pitch below the surface of a countersunk hole, or 1/4 to 1/2 pitch without countersinking.

Figure above shows correct assembly and disassembly of the front-end assembly. Pay special attention to the location of the spacer and shim (if required) onto the mandrel. After lubricating the mandrel threads, screw it into the prewinder so that it protrudes into the prewinder making sure the mandrel key locates into the drive sleeve keyway. Check that the plastic cushion is- at the base of the drive sleeve. Rotate the prewinder to line up for loading the insert and install the prewinder retainer nut.

Caution The prewinder retainer must be tightened by hand only. Over tensioning will prevent free movement of the mandrel, leading to possible damage. If after installation the mandrel will not move freely, remove the front-end assembly. Dismantle the spacer, shim prewinder then reassemble, making sure the mandrel threads have been screwed through the prewinder threads. Tightening the prewinder retainer while the mandrel threads are engaging the prewinder threads, may seize the mandrel. This may result in extensive damage to the RECOIL inserting tool.


Please read carefully the operating notes contained in this page before commencing tests. Firstly, set the conditioned air supply to the pressure indicated. Now connect the prewinder to the power inserting tool. With the tang of the insert toward the prewinder thread, place it so it lies flat in the well of the prewinder. For strip inserts, make sure the tang of the insert faces the prewinder thread, then pull the strip lightly until the aligns in the well. Allow the insert to guide itself into the nozzle. Actuate the tool until the motor stalls or the mandrel clutch disengages. Retract the mandrel by releasing the lever which reverses the air motor.

To operate

In front-end assemblies with a clutch mandrel, the motor will continue to spin after the insert is seated. This includes the assemblies for insert sizes 2-56 to 10-24 and metric M2.2 to M6. On releasing the hand lever, the motor automatically reverses. This will unscrew and retract the mandrel, then the motor will stall in position ready for the next insertion.
In front-end assemblies with a solid mandrel, sizes 1/4 inch and M6; or a telescoping mandrel, sizes 5/16 to 1/2 inch and M7 to M12, the air motor stalls when the RECOIL insert is seated. Reversal of the air motor's direction will retract the mandrel ready for the next insertion.

When using any front-end assembly, it is important to maintain the inserting tool in position until the mandrel fully retracts ready for the next use.


After every 50 hours of operation, inspect the plastic cushion which separates the mandrel from the bottom of the bore in the driving sleeve. If there is any deterioration of the plastic, replace the cushion. A mandrel which sticks in the retracted position is a warning of possible wear in the plastic cushion. It has probably compressed and become too hard, thus causing the mandrel to lock in the up position.

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